About Us

Ask for money, get advice. Ask for advice, get money twice"                   


Began as a collector inspired by a friend, became an entrepreneur inspired by my wife. I begin my collecting journey of Funko products in 2018. Being stationed overseas it proved difficult to expand my collection because there was a lack of stores selling Funko products. I figured I could not be the only one having this problem. After attending our small version of a Comic Con, it became even more apparent that other collectors were in need. 

Collectors were at the mercy of lackluster shipping and handling of their dear collectibles. So why not find a way to help them out! So I reached out to one of the greatest companies of our times, Funko and the rest is history. We are proud to be military family owned business ready to provide collectors the latest and hottest collectibles out there.

I now provide collectors some of the latest Funko products and the best shipping service possible. As a collector I understand how important it is to handle your purchase with the upmost care. I am very thankful for all the collectors with whom I have built friendships through this journey thus far. I hope to one day call you a customer and provide you with the service you deserve.